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160 Must Have Free PSD Files Every Designer Should Download

Here we have an awesome assortment of 160 high-quality free PSD files that you can download and use for free.  For a graphic designer, PSD files can come very handy because they can easily edit, modify and customize these files according to their own taste and desire.
Designers all around the world are doing their best to make Internet a better place for fellow designers. You can find unlimited resources and tutorials on every topic you want.

This post is a collection of some high quality and fully layered Free PSD files. These examples are just a sample of the fantastic resources available online. There are a variety of uses for free PSD files, whether you just drop them into a project, or simply use them to learn about how to achieve a given style or effect. Designers need PSDs all the time, but its not a viable thing to make each and every PSD on their own for the smallest of things. It is a lengthy process and it takes your focus away from the main project. Having high-quality PSD files can not only shave time from your workflow, but can also come handy for any rush jobs a client needs. This is the reason almost all graphic designers keep a good collection of PSD files on hand that they can use in their future projects.

Audio Player

Music Player Skin

Circular preloaders

Slick Audio Player

Eye Candy Percentage Bar

Twitter Status Update Bubble

Date indicator

  • Google+
  • Digg
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook

Dropdown Navigation Bar (Free PSD)

Sliding Tags

A Free Compact Music Player Design (PSD)

Butterscotch UI Kit

Sleek UI Elements

Blaubarry UI Kit

Transparent Content Box

UI Leather Web Elements Pack 2

Digital Music Player

Sort Switches / Toggles

Light and Dark Pagination

Like It Button

Simple navigation menu

Pretty dropdown menu

Audio player

Mini tooltips

UI Kit

Cloudy UI kit

Price scrollbar

Interface Elements

Black UI Kit

Notepaper & Sticky Tape

Thumbnail Hover State Overlay

iTunes Inspired UI Kit

Clean & Simple Login Form

Mini player

Moonify UI

Sleek Elements

Newsletter Signup Box

Transparent Content Box

Purchase Button

Cloud Mail Icon

Simple Navigation Menu

Digital Music Player PSD

Dark Mini Music Player

Web Notification Boxes

Paper Post

Follow Buttons

Facebook Twitter Buttons

Pricing Tables

Simple Chart Bars

Chunky Calculator

Lion UI Kit

Social Hover Overs

Red Upload Button

Image Slider Controls

Image Hover Effect

Dark Video Player

Simple Pricing Table

Social Square Icons

Notification Boxes

Simple Chart

Toggle Switches

Clean Lightbox Skin

Login Signup Form

Stitched Sales Patch

Shopping Icons

Image Gallery Design

Sticky Admin Bar

Sleek Breadcrumb Nav

Business Card

Clean Slider

On Off Toggles

Autosuggest Drop Down

Big Image Gallery

Learn More Buttons

Pretty Little Pie Chart

Grunge Notification Box

Screenshot Magnifier

Light and Dark Pagination

Dark Navigation Menu

Sheets of Paper

Calendar Icon

3D Elements PSD

More Information on 3D Elements PSD

Simple modern sliders

More Information on Simple modern sliders

Mini Clouds Set PSD

More Information on Mini Clouds Set PSD

A Free Custom Video Player Design (PSD)

More Information on A Free Custom Video Player Design (PSD)

free tablet/phone user interface professional set

More Information on free tablet/phone user interface professional set

Subscribe Form PSD

More Information on Subscribe Form PSD

Your cart widget

More Information on Your cart widget

Notepad PSD

More Information on Notepad PSD

Login Form PSD

More Information on Login Form PSD

Red on / off switch

More Information on Red on / off switch

Peano Creative – Free Homepage PSD

More Information on Peano Creative – Free Homepage PSD


More Information on iPad GUI PSD

20 Coloured pencils with notes

More Information on 20 Coloured pencils with notes

Newsletter form

More Information on Newsletter form

PSD/HTML Sliders

More Information on PSD/HTML Sliders

Classic Grey Psd Web UI Set

A complete classic and light grey themed psd web user interface to design any clean and modern website. Buttons, Slider, Input, Pagination and more.

Retro Web Ribbons Vintage Pack

A complete set of retro and vintage web menu ribbons, retro social icons, vintage web buttons. Ideal to create a vintage web design and make your project stands out.

Minimalist Dark Psd Web UI Set

A minimalist dark psd web ui with web elements to make your website design stands out in the crowd. It comes with a myriad of colors for the elements hover states. Web page elements include: Buttons, Search Box, Social Icons, Tabs, Pagination and more.

Cloudy UI Kit

A light and airy, but highly detailed UI kit. It includes loads of buttons, sliders, and more.

Butterscotch UI Kit

A gorgeous UI kit with resizable shape layers in a clean, well organized PSD file.

Sleek UI Elements

This PSD contains a number of useful elements in a modern, sleek style.

Black UI Kit

A fully layered and very well organized PSD with all the elements you need for designing a web site or app in a dark style.

iTunes Inspired UI Kit

A full UI kit which was originally inspired by the iTunes UI. The kit includes all sorts of toggles, tabs, buttons, sliders and fields.

Vertical Navigation Menu

A sweet and simple vertical navigation menu with styles for sub menus thrown in for good measure.

Moonify UI

Moonify UI is a detailed PSD containing over 60 elements, all well organized and easily editable.

7 Styled Tickets

Mini Clouds Set

Mac OSX 10.8 Elements

Upload to Cloud

Professional Web Card Profile

Pretty Little Red Ribbon (PSD)

Form Message Buttons

Seek Bar

Simple Pricing Table (PSD)

Stitched Fabric Horizontal Accordion (PSD)

Slider Interface & Metal Handle (PSD)

Simple Dark Navigation Menu (PSD)

Pretty Little Folded Ribbon (PSD)

Horizontal Accordion / Slider GUI (PSD)

Dark Button Navigation 2 (PSD)

Clean & Simple Signup Form (PSD)

10 Simple Web Buttons (PSD)

Slick URL shortener

Call to Action Button

Red Download Button

Audio Controls Interface

Event Calendar Widget PSD

Dark Buttons, Tooltips, Tabs, UI Elements

Dark Calendar PSD

Clean and Simple Image Slider


Loading Bar

Important Notice

Social Network List

Progress Bars

Tagtastic Tag Cloud (PSD)

Mini tooltips

Newsletter form

Pretty dropdown menu

Twitter & Facebook widget

Your cart widget

Web 2.0 style pricing box


Neat sliders

  • Google+
  • Digg
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook

Menu Notification Badges (PSD)

Simple “To the Top” buttons (.psd file)

Greene Pack#4 – More ribbons

Custom Audio Player Skin (PSD)

Pretty Little Pie Chart (PSD)

Miniature Progress Bar (PSD)

Review & Rating Stars… (PSD)

Circular Progress Bars (PSD)

Light and Dark Pagination (PSD)

Loupe: Screenshot Magnifying Thingy

Mini Drop-Down Menu (PSD)

Map Pins & Tooltips (PSD)

Business UI

Video Player [.PSD Source]

Four shaped icons for corporate website (Free PSD)

Dark GUI Kit

Music Player Updated

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