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20 Creative Examples of Print Design

No matter what field of design you’re in or what medium you use, it’s important to make a powerful visual impression. When it comes to print design, however, there are some unique techniques that can be employed.
One of the advantages of print design, whether it be business card, flyer, book cover or brochure printing, the medium itself is physical.
As such, it’s possible to use physical textures along with printed textures to create a tactile impact, or to create interestingly shaped or cut materials.
In this post, we’ll look at 20 creative examples of print design.


The Inauguration of Robert D. Coombe






The Queen of Spades




Qube Calendar


Alexena Cayless


Direct Mail


Lepetit Antoine


Reflections Book


Resume and Job Application


Christmas Gift Idea


Highlight Blind


Stimmen Schaffen Begeisterung


KVGD Christmas Cards




Stich Design Co


Joceyln and Jeff


Blood Sweat and Tears



Les Echeveles


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