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25 Gorgeous Typography Wallpapers

Inspiring desktop wallpapers can help you get into a creative and productive mood. In this collection we will focus on beautiful wallpapers based on typography. Nowadays typography plays one of the most important roles of effective and beautiful web and graphic design, but typography can also be an art form. Unusual combinations, transformations and compositions of type can become a breathtaking piece of art. Here are 25 gorgeous typography inspired wallpapers for you to enjoy.

I Love Typography

The Characteristics of a Typeface

Colorful Fancy Lettering

Homage to Fred Africkian

The Typographic Grid

Playin’ with Type


A Paradigm Shift

Type Goes Web

The Unforgettable Herb Lubalin

The Art of Typography


Curious Cat


Funny Typography
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Everyday Typography

One Planet Remake

Waiting for the End

Helvetica Wallpaper

Urban Jungle




Create Tomorrow

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