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40+ Innovated Deviantart Web Designs Ideas

One of the main items in every designers daily tasks is to learn new ideas and see different designs to get inspirations for new projects. The web design trend is considered one of the rapidly changing design trends that change frequently based on the new technologies and design waves on the web such as the Web 2.0 style…etc.

This daily task is actually part of a bigger plan that every design should follow that I covered in How to Build a Self-training Plan and How to become a Better Designer. Deviantart is  great place to find inspirations and new ideas in every design field in either traditional and digital designs. While I was reaching for new design ideas, I found some great website design inspirations their.

These websites designers include different styles and really innovated ideas. However, I would like to share with you some of the truly inspired websites designs. You can click on each design image to go to the original post in Deviantart to find more information about it and its designer. Although, some of the sources of these designs are not available, it will inspire you to new ideas and how to build an attractive design and new site design structure.

Now, let us start with website designs that do not follow the normal site structure and flow from top to down. While these website designs do not allow adding much content, it is more attractive because it give the client’s eye a different visual experience. However, these designs are more suitable for sites with few content such as the portfolio sites and small companies sites.

While the above designs may be little old comparing with the Web 2.0 design. The following website design meets with the Web 2.0 designs structure and allow more amount of content.

The below website designs allow adding more content while the interface design integrates with the Web 2.0 style as well.

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