Arabic Calligraphy Art

Marvelous Arabic Calligraphy Art by Nora Nasr Muhammad Elgalad, this kind of work I have never seen before. These designs are enjoyable to watch and great for inspiration specially for those who love calligraphy.Note : Click on any image to take a full preview.


When did you start designing:
I started the design world from 4 years ago


Skills (softwares)
Adobe Photoshop and kelk

Your Interests
I like drawing by pencil and write articles in Islamic and design.

Little about your creativity process:
My inspiration from Islamic architecture, Egyptian Islamic art, Ottoman art and persian.
My idea inspiration from Quran, Hadeth Shareef, Islamic Anasheed, Islamic civilization.


Bit of daily routine:
In 9 morning every day goto my job in public library and when i came back to my home check my email, open my favorite sites to see what the newest, in night make cup of tea and start any artwork of my ideas, if i am not designing i watch Islamic programs in youtube for Khaled Alrashed, Muhammad Alarefy, Omr Abdalkafi, kishk and others and usually i sleep after Fajr prayer Alhamdulillah.












Your Favorite work
My favorite work is ( Muhammad prophet of mercy )


Few lessons you want to share:
You can share my lessons from my youtube chanel ( noraelgalad80 )

Your Favorite Websites:
deviantart, behance,  desigg, aduzeedo, psd tuts plus


Final Words/Message
Live this life for ALLAH almighty to give you what you don’t imagine in life and grant you to paradise.


About The Art Times:
I like this site, it’s so great for inspiration


Email: noraelgalad80 at




Deviantart :



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