Beautiful and Stunning Concept Design of Most Awaited IOS 7

Creativity and imagination are the name associated with the most profound Computer software’s and hardware organization; Apple Inc. Apple is known for its out-of-the-box concepts and designs introduced by its late founder Steve Jobs. It is known till date for its prestigious design and impressive Information technological advancement. The applications and Machines introduced by Apple made a unique and well-known place in Computer technology market for years and are still count as the trademarks for the revolution in Computer design history.


What is IOS?

IOS is the operating system introduced by Apple especially for its products like IPod, IPhone and IPad. The very first version of IOS had been introduced back in 2007. Since then, Apple has been releasing different versions of its IOS with improved compatibility and interactive designs.

IOS 7 Design:

Prior to the release of IOS 7, there are many rumors about the interactive and stunning design of IO7. Most of the apple fans are eagerly waiting to see the changes made in the latest version of IOS platform. Here today, we are discussing the interesting and eye-catching blissful conceptual design of IOS 7



Concept Design


Concept Design


“Biggest change to IOS”

According to the CEO of Apple the design and organizational structure of IOS 7 is the biggest change to IOS since IPhone.


Apple CEO
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The official news release of Apple also states the connectional design of IOS 7 is rather “flat” than wide. The design brings together the concept of Google and Windows phones.


In addition, some of the native apps of IOS 7 will get a fresh and better bigger icon in IOS 7.

Resources also claimed that the new IOS 7 have no recreational havoc designs. Instead, it will feature a simple Black and White design


The new IOS 7 concept design has also lack skeuomorphic design which makes it different and unique from its previous versions.

It has also been features the phone look of i5 instead it has more than two color options i.e. Black and White.

Likewise, the new IOS7 has flat “ICON” designed which is somehow alike with the previous versions of IOS.

The most challenging decision which has to be implemented by the Designers and developers is to build the whole concept of IOS 7 in a single platform with no images. The Icons and other applications are solely coded in CSS and HTML.



What do you think with the design and architecture of the latest IOS 7? Which features do you like the most and which are the one you are excited with? Let us know your expectations and experience with IOS7.

I am a student of Computer Sciences and currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.Writing is my hobby and i always found myself profound when writing on my comfort zone. I dream to convert my imagination into realities and make those realities other dreams.

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