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Best Icon Design Inspirations

Designing logos and icons is always a difficult task to achieve. You need to be creative and artistic in order to design a perfect icon which could describe the true picture of desired organization. Many people doesn’t define any difference between any an icon and logo, but in reality there is a huge difference between a company logo and a well-known computer icon.

Icons are only design and seen on computers, but any graphical image that represent the art, or any fantasy falls in the category of icon. It could be simple with a simple 2D image or can be complex with heavy vectors and graphics. Today we bring you top icon design inspirations from the best designer’s portfolios.

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Miasushi – Food Delivery

This iconic design is made for a Miasushi Food delivery services. Yummy isn’t it?

By: Mysmaxom


Get Plain Text – Mac OS

This icon was designed for Mac OS utility program which convert the copied text into plain text.

By: Mysmaxom


Icon for Mail

This inspirational icons was designed for services.

By : Ilnur Nazyrov

The icon is designed for a social networking site

By: Max Pominenko

Wanna Fun?

These iconic designs are made for a dating website

By: Max Pominenko



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SMS From Computer

These icons are designed for an app which allow uses to send SMS from Computer through Phone.

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