Best Logo Design Trends of 2013

Creativity, inspiration, imagination and little motivation is the recipe behind a successful classical Logo which become the trademark and emblem of any organization. A logo design expresses the inspiration and impresses the mission statement on which the organization is up to. An interesting logo hides different meanings in its own. It hides the source of ideas, zeal of imaginations and a spirit to explore the limits.

Today we are highlighting the best five logo design trends following in 2013. These trends have been followed by many developers and graphic designers in their design and piece of art. We list them according to their style, their simplicity and their creativity.

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Object Based Logo

Object based Logos are designed and inspired by the things we see around our self every day and night. These Logos gives a recreational architecture and a new soul to the non-animate bits and pieces and give them a new look. Object based logos can be seen in various organizations that are known for their creativity and art. Some of the honorable mentions are Apple and Twitter logos.



Logo Inspitation logo drawing object logos

By: Iliya
origami logo design
object logo

By: Necon


Twist Effect

In these days twist effect is the famous logo design effect added to the Logos to show the elasticity and friendliness. Twist effect also shows the impression of a complete domain in which the organization is setting up its work. It starts and end facing each other vertically or horizontally reflects that the organization never forget its past and by no means leave its loyal customer when they are in peak of success.

X Art Design

Xclusive Logo

By:  Jeppe Voight Christensen


logo trends

logo drawing


Circle logo


Retro or Script

Script or Retro style is known for its amazing strokes and design. It’s always have been appealed the graphic and logo designers due to its classical aesthetics and eye-catching font combinations. Its trend is getting hotter in market because of its traditional features and outstanding structures. The whining lines with dangling alphabet make it interesting and simply awesome

Disney Logo

Calligraphy Logo

Script Logo


typography logo

script logo

handwriting logo

handwriting logo design

hand writing logo


Unlike any other logo design, the bracket logo design expresses the relation of trust and equality. It always shows the combination of two equal things and combined them graphically to make them considered as one. Bracketing logo design is the latest logo trend of 2013 and has been used by many web and logo designers when they need to show the meaning of equality and strength. The bracketing design is used by creative and artistic designers because they have to be used in a way that if any of the part separated rests no meaning for the left.


handshake logo

Bracket logo



bracketing logo





Crossed is the design used by designer for ages. It trend become more inn in 2013 due to its energetic and striking design. Crossed logo has been used by professional to indicate the initials, a name or a letter to give it more importance than the rest of the graphics. Apart from IT sector the logo represent different meanings in Utensil, tools and equipment and has been used frequently on other fields.

 crossed style logo




Slash logo design has deep history in computer networking and graphic design. Slash character has been using in URL’s and web addresses and it literal meaning is to give a choice and variety. Slash logo design has been frequently using due to its ubiquitous meaning and style. The designer often used it when they want to express the flexibility and show the importance of preferences.

Slash Logo

slash logo


slash logos


Did we miss some of your favorite Logo design? Which logo design trend from above you is following nowadays? Tell us your feedback in comments.


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