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Concept Art by Alex & Interview

The Art Times featuring the showcase and interview of Alex Andreyev from Russia in our Designers Showcase section. Alex has did really amazing inspirational and concept art which is not just deserve to watch but also very enjoyable and meaningful. He has did stunning art series in eight parts called A Separate Reality which is now one my favorite art.

fyling ship

Under Clouds


When did you start designing

I`ve been drawing as long as I remember myself. After finishing local art school and university in Novgorod, I moved to Saint-Petersburg, where I currently live and work. For some time I couldn`t quite set my priorities in order, both graphic design and digital art attracted me.
futurstic design

city concept

city sub way

City Sub Way


waether forecast

Weather Forcasters




pencil drawings


drawing concept

Little about your creativity process

For me only a result of mystical revelation can be considered a true art. Other products of intellectual speculations can only interest me from technological point of view. My favourite paintings are created during insight, sudden connection with a certain information field. The interpretation of my vision, using all of my life experience, is the result of my work. Carlos Castañeda gave a definition of creative process, with which I agree most: «The Nagual Elias, as a solitary dreamer, visited, let’s say, the junkyard of infinity, when no one was around – and copied whatever he saw, but never knew what those things were used for, or their source.»


future concept


world edge






Private Party


Bit of daily routine

Currently I am working (besides day job) as environment artist on animation film «Kin-Dza-Dza», based on the soviet movie made in 1986. When the film came out, it influenced me a lot, and now I am happy and proud to work on this remake. This animated cartoon is being created by the original movie director George Danelia, who is very famous in Russia and is my favourite. The film is about the fall of human culture, and my job is to develop landscapes, constructions, mechanisms and devices.





night watch

Night Watch


photo manipulation


pencil drawings


pencil drawings


pencil art


concept art




concept art


green city


signal lights






Your Interests

Don`t know if this is good of bad, but I don`t really do anything besides drawing. I use all my spare time for drawing, and this is all I need. I also enjoy riding bike and going to fitness club, but that can hardly be considered a hobby.


Your Favorite work

I am never completely satisfied with results of my work. Usually my satisfaction lasts a limited time, and next time I start work on painting aiming to surpass results I achieved in past. And the cycle repeats, I think it`s pretty normal for an artist.


electric lights




concept art


future concept


pencil drawings

Traffice Light


air baloons


pencil drawings




floating ships

Super Cargo


floating ariport



pencil drawings

Long and Hard Road







Edge City


design concept

City Gate



City gate


concept design

Gulag Islands


Few lessons/tips you want to share

A few sketchbooks – here…ot9604ad6e


Your favorite artists/designers

My favourite artist is Zdislav Beksinski –
He is from Poland, and his art is said to be «post-Auschwitz poetry». I feel very close to his perception of the world and combination of mystical revelations with the reality of our time. His inner receiver is tuned to the same frequency as mine. Also, I enjoy Magritte a great deal.


Email: andreevbox at
Facebook Alex-Andreyev-Hermetic-Art
Twitter @alexandreev

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