Design Blogs: The Future of Blogging

What is a Design Blog?

When was the last time you stumbled upon any design blog on the internet? Not so long ago, maybe. Design blogs provide you with any information you need, whether it’s about latest graphic interfaces, most recent technology, web designing, you name it. With new ideas about blogging emerging every day, design blogs have taken their height in making a well based platform for themselves. Not only are the design blogs diverting more traffic towards their blogs but providing more opportunities for designers all around the world.


Reasons for creating a Design Blog

Web developers and web designers that want to be recognized and acknowledged for their talents should create design blogs for their presence to be known on the internet. Design blogging is basically putting your talents into the right place by letting people know about it online. Design blog is a stage where people can find out about your abilities and accurately communicate with you.

“With great power comes great responsibility”.

That is indeed true. Knowledge should be shared with people that desire to be something and design blogs allow this. They let the author share their knowledge with thousands of viewers.

  1. Sharing relevant information with customers will help bring in the targeted audience as they will gain more information about topics they want to learn about.
  2. The content being writing on the design blogs helps products being marketed over the web, with the information reaching worldwide.
  3. 60% of businesses that blog acquire more customers, according to a recent Hub Spot survey. This indicates that blogging leads to more traffic leading towards better marketing of talents.
  4. Sharing your ideas and insights will improve your chances of being known better and recognized among the audience.
  5. Blogging leads to people giving their feedback’s over topics. Not only does it provide a better understanding, it also helps the creator learn.
  6. Having a blog will lead to content writing. For this, freelance writers are appointed. That means content writing causes job opportunities for new freelancers.
  7. Owning your own website will help you sell your products and services more easily and efficiently. The viewers will have all the information they did with authenticity.
  8. Blogging will let you share your talents with others and helping them learn more skills and information as well.
  9. It is fun to blog. Whenever you have an urge to write or do something to spend your time, you can always blog.
  10. Blogging is inspiring. Maybe your blog will inspire people and it may lead to more blogs. People might start to find web designing more interesting through it.
  11. Money, the important factor. When talking about any profession, people prefer jobs that can make more money as well as bring benefits. Apart from web designing, creating a design blog can bring in more money if the blogger is really committed to its blog. Income generating activities such as advertising, writing reviews can be a great source of money making for design bloggers.


Future of Blogging

“Blogs will change your business”.

Business Week Magazine

The points mentioned above clearly indicate that design blogs are the future of blogging. This is due to many different reasons discussed above. It has its own benefits for the creator as well as the viewer. The following mentioned stats elaborate more about the rapid increase in design blogging and the traffic being diverted towards it.


Recent Stats over Design blogging

This graph shows the growth of bloggers from 2004 till 2011 that has been rapidly increasing. These bloggers further break down into groups such as Professional Part-time and Full-time bloggers, Hobbyist and Entrepreneurs. This graph also shows the future prediction of growth in jobs, showing the maximum growth in web designing that will lead to more design blogging. People choose this career field because it brings benefits as well as money.



This graph shows the future prediction of growth in jobs, showing the maximum growth in web designing that will lead to more design blogging. People choose this career field because it brings benefits as well as money.


Above mentioned review shows the usage of design blog and how much traffic gets diverted towards the blogs with the help of keywords. It shows an increase in the visits within the last month and the following one. This tells use about the rapid growth of design and blog career with responsive audience as well.


This eye-catching designed tree shows the growth of blogs and it encourages the viewers by telling them that setting up a blog can be a bold move. The colors of the leaves indicate the increase in different types of blogs and it highlights “Design and Data” being one of the fully grown field of blog designing.



Considering design blogs as a source of information nowadays is perfectly normal. Readers think blogs provide better information if compared to traditional media or other resources. Design blogs consist of wide variety of information. Mostly covering the topics, that elaborates the areas of web designing, inspirations and latest technologies.

This picture gives detailed information regarding the usage of blogging by dividing it into groups of people that use design blogging as their carrier.

Design blogs not only promote your business or talents but it also helps people get to know you. They help by driving more traffic and giving the viewer new things to learn about. This is why; design blogging is the future and might as well become a trend.

Founder and Director of The Art Times and Iconic Graphics. Colors, Design and Art always attract me. I start making User Interfaces for Windows in 2004 after finishing my study. Start a job as Creative Website and Graphic Designer after success of UI Designs. I start planning for blog in 2009 and spend almost a whole year on research and online exploration. Finally The Art Times was founded in 2010 and I start writing and publishing post about inspirations and freebies created by me. The Art Time is my vision and it's mission is to provide just quality contents to readers and learners from all over the world to help them to make their work more effective and successful.

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