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The art times frequently published latest design and showcases of well known designers for design inspiration. Get the inspirations for your design and graphics ideas.

Desktopography 2012

Awesome desktop wallpapers series called Desktopography 2012 exhibition comes online. This year’s collection have stunning photo manipulation wallpapers  like previous years. Artist from around the globe participated in this exhibition which is curated by Pete Harrison.

Click on image to download largest available size or visit desktopography for manual search.


Memorial by Heiko Klug
desktopography memorial wallpaper



Natural Freedom by Magyar László / Lacza
desktopography nature freedom wallpaper



The Morning Star by Adam Spizak

desktopography lion wallpaper


By Gaétan Weltzer

cayon green mountain wallpaper


By Cruckntask

above clouds wallpaper



Invasion by RDN

desktopography invasion wallpaper



By: Kristian Llana

nature harmony wallpaper



Crimsonland – Trisme

desktopography abstract wallpaper



Last Rays by Bastien Grivet

desktopography last rays wallpaper



Raging Water by Marek

desktopography water wallpaper



Playground by Mike Harrison

desktopography dessert wallpaper



Back to the Beginning by Oliver Gareis

desktopography wallpaper



Desktopography by Przemek Nawrocki

desktopography clouds



Beta of Barsoom by Fresh for Death

desktopography voilet



Desktopography’12 by Richard Roberts

desktopography logo



Circles by Justin Maller

desktopography circles



L’effondrement dy ciel gris by Fatkur

desktopography lion



Blind Horse by Thomas Gayet

desktopography unicorn



Lifestream by James Zwadlo

desktopography green



Gaia by Kode Logic

desktopography girl



Nightfall by Pete Harrison & Jordy Roelofs

desktopography nature



Kitsch Me If You Can By Falcon White

desktopography horse


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