Illustration versus Photography in web designing: A comparison

Illustration and photography are two forms of art that are widely used in many scopes of life, and are the most competitive rivals when it comes to the world of web designing. Both are forms of art that have a great deal of attraction and intrigue masses and have their own specific uses. For a pretty long time, photography was the dominant of the two forms of art for reasons that are mentioned below.

Photography, when compared to illustrations, was believed to provide a true picture, one that was not forged or created like an illustration, and people believed the message portrayed in a photograph as a reality more than an illustration, and this lead the advertising companies and web developers use photography as a medium to express and communicate.

The Battle between Illustration and Photography

Back then, there were not many photo editing software’s and it was difficult to modify a picture, so the common perception was that a photograph was closer to reality and hence can be trusted. On the other hand, illustrations were the creations of a mind, and although were equally attractive and stylish, people had a problem believing the message and preferred photo messages over illustrated art.


How Photography Got the Edge

With the inception of advanced digital cameras, highly popular photo editing softwares and other methods, web designing has become much more advanced and the use of photographs is more common. But in the recent years, one can see illustrations getting back into the limelight with their more refined techniques and styles.


Rise of Illustration in to the competition

Illustrations are much improved and web designers are now more comfortable with illustrations as compared to photography, for in an illustration, one can portray any idea in any way a mind can think of, and it is the creativity at work, whereas portraying messages has limited methods and one cannot depict anything with a photograph, there are limitations.


The Versatility factor playing its role

This is the reason why illustrations are more widely used on websites and advertisements for people can relay an idea, and communicate in a creative and stylish manner, attract more people to their message and improve their businesses. Branding a product on a website is best done with the use of illustrations for these are versatile and allow for variations and changes that are not possible with photography, even with the use of software.


The Competition is Evenly Poised

On the other hand, photography cannot be eliminated from web design for it still has its popularity and sense of attraction. Large images in the background, edited photos that look stylish are still eye catching and ideal for web designers. No matter what the trend, photography is a medium that will always build a sense of reliability in the mind of a user and that is the idea which is normally targeted by web designers.

All in all, photography and illustration are both an integral part of web designing and are always in the run for supremacy. One can never really count out one of the two for they both have their charms.

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