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Interview with Omar Reda

The Art Times interview Omar Reda, He is beautiful typography and advertising designer. He did really beautiful and creative work which are good for inspiration too. We listed some of his work with his brief interview.

When did you start designing
My artistic skills started during high school, I used to draw characters and edit them on photoshop. This hobby led me to study graphic design at university which it was a great learning experience due to the role of our professors who injected the design passion in our blood.




Skills (softwares)
During my career, I learnt many softwares but usually I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and C4D.












Little about your creativity process
It all starts with an idea that is running through my mind for quite a while. If it is photography, I plan the time, location and subject to shoot. I usually do the photography during my free time in the weekend.
Concerning my artworks, I usually do some rough sketches and then I plan the suitable execution process to achieve the best results.





Bit of daily routine
I wake up at 8:45. I check emails and rss feeds till 9 a.m. Then, I go to the office till around 7 p.m. Everyday, we have new briefs to be done, I spend the time between brainstorming, meetings and execution. After work, I go home and have a rest for 15 minutes. Then, I start doing some personal works like creating wallpapers or editing some photos which I took during the weekend. I end up my day watching Tv series or a movie till 1 a.m.




Few lessons you want to share
Never depend on someone to teach you everything, if you don’t have the initiative to learn, your career path will stop or it will continue growing slowly.
Internet is not the only source of inspiration. It may be around you without you notice, it can be in a book, in the street, a movie, etc…
And finally, never stop learning, alway seek knowledge and be updated.




Your Favorite work
My favorite work is the photo series “The other face of life”. It was an exceptional experience where I met many people from different nationalities.


Final Words/Message
I would like to thank The Art Times for this great opportunity. And I appreciate all the support that I get from my followers, fans and the people who love what I do. You always give me the push to do new work.

Your Interests
I am working now in the advertising field, but the problem is that we have a limited creativity due to the restrictions made by most clients in Saudi Arabia. That’s why I try to do things that interest me like creating wallpapers based on typography. And from time to time, I take my camera and take some pictures around the city.

Your Favorite Websites
There are a lot of inspiring ones, but these websites came first to my mind:,,,

Your favorite artists/designers
There are a lot. I can recall Stefan Sagmeister, GLennz, Reza Abdeni and Wissam Shawkat.

About The Art Times
It is great to have a website that is focusing on the Middle East where we have a lot of great talents.

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