Some of the best Mobile Emulators to test your Website

Nowadays, smart phones are rapidly replacing the use of laptops and personal desktops. It’s more convenient for people to browse using their smart phones and definitely, more time saving. Due to this, it’s significant for website designers and especially developers to make sure they don’t forget making it mobile friendly.
With the advancement of science and technology, different software’s have been introduced in the IT market which tests the performance and capabilities of different web-sites. These software applications are named as Emulators who enable the user to test the display of different website in a cell-phone terminal.  Most featured which have been checked and tested in these Mobile Emulators are dimensions, behavior, advance features and resolutions etc.

These emulator’s help making sure that the website is responsive on several mobile platforms such as iPads, iPhones, Androids and Blackberry without actually checking it from that device. Emulators will make sure, if the website is compatible with the targeted devices or not. In addition, it also helps in detecting the problem, error or bug which may occur while viewing the particular site from a mobile device. Likewise, they also help fix the pixels and sizes of the web pages too.


Following are some of the best mobile device emulators:



Responsinator become my favorite smart phone emulator after testing the website and useability of it’s interface. It features all common devices on single page




Screenfly is the mobile emulator tool provided by QuirkTools which enables the user to test the resolution and adjustment of Web-site at different modes and pixel sizes. Screenfly is a unique tool in itself because it first asks the user for the web-site URL which has to be tested and then pack it for the Desktop. Currently Screenfly tool can support 8 different Mobiles with different Desktop and Net Books sizes


Responsive Px

This allows you to figure out how responsive your site it. It helps correct the breaking points in your website’s design and lets the user test screen pixels. You can fix them pixel by pixel as well. It also provides you with the option to adjust scroll bars. You can check the functions of your device over different platforms and screens.


Pixmobi’s Mobile Phone Emulator

One of the best used emulators is Pixmobi’s emulator which allows the user to veiw the website on 6 different platforms. It also detects technical information such as the size and pixels. Some of the platforms it shows are Samsung, Blackberry etc. It includes the latest platform of iPhone 5 aswell.


Opera Mini Simulator

One of the widely used browsers is Opera Mini, used by over 100 million users. It is important to make sure your website looks attention grabbing and works perfectly fine on this browser. It allows you to navigate the site using a keypad to make it more users friendly.



Curious to know how your web design looks like on monitor screens, TVs and tablets? This is the best tool to check if your site looks attractive and creative on big screens. This lets you to check numerous sites at one time and also in the pop up windows.


Android SDK Mobile Device Emulator

Android SDK is a specialized tool and application designed by developers to test and develop the Android Applications on a virtual machine without any compatibility problems with Physical machine. The Emulator has the ability to develop apps for Android-power devices and helps to develop and simulate the designated Android applications.



This tool uses W3C standards and the tests include varity of options such as encoding, Pop ups, Resizing of images and file sizes aswell. It also provides the user with the approximate cost of downloading the site depending on different countries.


These are some of the best Emulators to make sure your designed site looks striking to the eye of smart phone users. These are extremely user friendly and let you check your sites for free.

Have we missed something in the list? Let us know your favorite Mobile Emulators which you wanted to be included in the list.

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