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Showcase of 70 Creative Booklet and Catalog Designs for Your Inspiration

In this post we are presenting an creative and inspiring collection of some of the best catalog and booklet designs that speak volumes about their creativity and innovation. In the world of corporate design, booklets are one of the standard tools that you can use for promotion and advertising.

A catalog design is more than just creating a compilation of some colorful pages for flicking through it to get a general idea of the product or service. Booklets are like the tiny books or magazines yet are very powerful. Booklets usually lay around in conference halls, offices and waiting rooms and on occasion they include an annual report of the company or showcase the portfolio of an artist. A catalog design needs to be innovative and charismatic enough to grab the attention of potential buyers and users. In order to stand out, some designers furnish that additional touch to the design. This is why catalogs help to create a buzz that encourages users to pay money for the product even though they don’t actually need that product.

Booklet designs have to relay messages to the readers through images and few words, usually presented as key points that get the aims, ideals, products and/or services of the company across. A good booklet design is of paramount importance to all companies, and the designer must be skilled in this field.


Kojo Aftershot Catalog

3 Minutes

Sessions Snow Catalogue

Beautiful Trash

Trollbeads Booklet



Mietall Walus Magazine

Hyperakt Design Group

Rony Design Catalog

Dress Me

Dress Me

Undergraduate Portfolio

Galerias Metallo


Booklet for California College of the Arts

Western Archrib

Lago Estate


University of Lincoln: Science Dept Prospectus

Coco book

Galerias Metallo

Trollbeads Booklet

Typographic catalog

LOA+DS At The Lighthouse Exhibition

Type Specimine

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Design Student

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Design Student

Flooring catalog

60 years of Academy of Fine Arts and Design

60 years of Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Sunny days

Catalogue | Mirplay

Small set of books

Small set of books

PARAD Catalogue Autumn-Winter

PARAD Catalogue

Museale Forstyrrelser

Sim Lex Catalog

Pooya Beton Co. Catalog

PaduPadan Catalog

FDD Catalog Design


Here is a selection of effective booklet designs produced by creative designers for your inspiration and viewing pleasure.

Retrospective 08 Aiga Senior BFA Catalog

Orzamento 08

All is full of…

Design Methodologies Booklet Photo

Some Thoughts on Design



Capital Jets Booklet

Avant Garde Gothic Typeface Booklet

Kiosk 37

Restaurants Identity book


De Facto


Frankmusik 3 Little Words EP

Recycle Yourself Booklet

Booklet and Badge

Verbo na Escola Mailing

Type Specimine Booklet

HIKE Design Ravensbourne

Beautiful Trash

Cute Booklet

Waterstones Murder Mystery Book Month

University of Lincoln: Science Dept Prospectus

Effektive CV Poster Mailer

Portland has been Busy with Beautiful Design

SHN Mood Booklet

Lago Estate

Le guide des admiscibles

Booklet Design


In this roundup, we have shared some excellent examples of creative booklet and catalog designs that you can get ideas from when creating your own. With this collection, we tried to include innovative, visually appealing and attention-grabbing design solutions. We hope that everybody will find something interesting and unusual. Feel free to share your opinion and comments with others about these catalog and booklet designs.

If you think we have missed out any good catalog or booklet designs then do let us know. Also add a comment below letting us know your favorite catalog design.

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