Today’s Background Trends in Web Designing

Sometimes,, a background of your website is the least noticed part of your website design but sometime it is well quite enough to grab the attention of your customers or website visitors. Most of the time, the backgrounds of your websites set the whole tone and gives a framework for the information on your site.
Today, with a change in IT industry, the trends of background have been completely changed. Today, backgrounds come with lots of multiple things and are wide-ranging in scope. You are not just stick to a single thing, you can use multiple kinds of pictures, solid colors or combination of multiple colors, patterns or you can utilize all these things in a single webpage design.


Here in this article, I will let you know about the latest trends of backgrounds that are used well and explore why they work.

What Makes an Attractive Background?

There is no hard and fast rules for what type of background will work for your web design. There are some common factors that can easily make a dull and boring website into a booming one.
The background should have purpose.
The background should completely match with your web brand or what type of products or services you are offering.
It should allow for placement of text that is easy to read.
Don’t use those types of backgrounds or background pictures that puzzle your visitors to think they have stumbled on to another page when clicking through.
Use those types of backgrounds that can be easily downloadable and not cause the site to slow down or lag.



What’s latest in Web Designing?

Just like trends of clothes and hairstyles change, so do web design trends. This is quite true for backgrounds in web designing.
Today, there are so many online websites that are using multiple high resolution images on their website landing pages and above the scroll. If you make some research as a design inspiration, you will definitely observer that there are many large brands are come with large picture of their product on background and small content. Most of the pictures are sharp and deliver what the company or website want, while some are much harder to decipher. Large, blurry or faded images are appearing everywhere.

Here are some multiple types of background that are quite popular and in trend:


Sharp and clear images are quite high in demand these days. This is because, a picture worth more than words. An attractive or interesting picture can easily grab the attention of visitors or customers rather than a simple or dull background. Today, most of designers design their website on a single theme or a definite pattern. A sharp image can easily stand out your website and help you out in increasing your bank.



Onside Sports Agency


Mecenat Musical


 Range Rover Evoque


Using blurry or faded images can be rather tricky. It only works if you have a strong image to start with.  Sometimes a dramatic fade, like the muted mountain used by Humaan, works beautifully while other times just a slight blur is enough.

Friendly Gents


Tag Interativa


Whitmans New York


The Papermill



Solid colors are also in demand these days. But there is no need to stick with common colors black and white; you can use variations of colors to match with your website theme. There are many designers who are using bold, striking colors to help elements pop off the background. But always keep in mind that always use those kinds of colors that completely match with your brand or website theme.


White and black backgrounds are classic and easy to use. You can create contrast for type (even small type) easily and will always be in fashion.


Don’t be afraid to use multiple patterned backgrounds. Big, repeating prints are all over the places are in trend these days. Subtle textures can add some realism to your design. Not only multiple patterns, you can also use graphics art or illustrations to represent your brand and identity.
In the end, always keep in your mind that a website is one of the most effective resources to represent your business, product or services. So, always choose those types of backgrounds that can appeal your website among thousands of others.



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