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Web Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

Would you prefer your website to be dull, artless or eye catching to the audience? Of course not. When you decide to design a brand new website, the major strategy techniques and examples for best design trends should be kept in mind.  With new minds emerging with new layouts every day, the competition has become tough.

What makes a website attention-grabbing and motivating to the eye are the highly structured blue prints behind the designing of the web. Web designers need to be updated with the new trends and schemes to compete in the world of designing.

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Following are some of the best designed websites of all times and their used techniques:-

Lifestyle Federation

The design was awarded as the best CSS Design award of June 2013.



Nicolas Borreil – Portfolio

The design was made to be attractive and also one of the winner of CSS Web Design award, June 2013.

By: Nicolas Borreil


Artem and Julia – Creativity

This website is a perfect example for the creativity and ideas of innovation. The use of landscapes, nature and the color contrast makes this website one of a kind. It has a clean yet appealing concept to it.

Ray’s Lab – Artwork

This marketing and communication website uses the unique artwork to steal the attention of the viewer. The colorful layout and exceptional way of illustration makes all the difference.


The Kennedys: Communication

One of the features that you should keep in mind while designing your website is the way to communicate. Either you can make it simple, elegant or you can add cool and funky features to attract the people. It also depends on the age group you are focusing. This website has funky illustrations and images making it worth a look.


Big Data – Smarter Customer Experience


Sweet Leaf Tea




Magissim – Web Agency



Flying Start Media


Aesthetic Invention


There is a vast variety and examples on the web from which, you can grasp the idea of making a website. The entire mentioned above are some of the best designs and layouts, you can learn from. In the race of advancing technologies, don’t forget to make your website worth a look and win the show.


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