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What’s New Features in Photoshop CS6?

As all of us know that everything is changing rapidly with the passage of time. Large or big screen computers converted into handy or small screen tablets, now it is much easier to handle thousands of confidential documents, today you not only hear the voice of your beloveds far away from you but you can also see their smiling and glowing faces. There are thousands of examples here but Photoshop cs6 is just another name of revolution in web design and graphic industry. With the change of time and need, lots of changes occurred in Photoshop but this version is really a great outcome of Adobe industry. I am quite sure that New Features Photoshop cs6 will defiantly help the designers to design their graphics art, web pages or any kind of artwork with an ease. Here in this article I will tell you about what’s new in this version of Photoshop.


Easy to Identify Layer

As compare to previous version of Photoshop, searching layer is quite easy and handy in CS6. This version allows you to search layers by type, name, effect (layer style), blending mode, color or by large range of attributes.


Better shape layer naming

Now in Photoshop cs6, all the shapes are created using their actual tool name, like Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse and Rectangle. Now you don’t need to worry about remembering layers sequence, Photoshop CS6 will now do this for you.


Apply Layer Styles on Groups

Now it become possible to apply layer styles to groups just like we apply on bitmap, vector and type layers.Create group of layers and then apply effect to that group.


Copy Shape Attributes and Paste Shape Attributes

Photoshop cs6 have made easy to copy shape attributes of one layer and paste it on multiple layers. Just make a right click on a vector layer, copy the shape attributes and apply it quickly to one or more layers. Not only this, you can now select a range of vector layers and paste the attributes to all of them at once.


Strokes on paths

Now you can use the vector strokes in combination with the stroke layer style for stroke on stroke action. There’s also a bunch of associated options, including dashed stroke editing that’s similar to Illustrator.

In Photoshop CS6, there’s now a convenient Stroke option on your Options Bar when you have a Shape active. These drop downs allow you to choose the Fill Type, colors, width, and whether your stroke is solid, dashed, or dotted.


User interface brightness

One of the most exiting features of Photoshop CS6 is that it represents four different interface brightness options. The default option is grey but you can change it according to your mood and taste. I personally like black interface.


Mask feather improvements

The mask feather setting under the properties panel blurs the mask of vector layers. It’s a great feature, but I’ve shied away from using it in previous versions because I found its behavior unpredictable. That’s not the case in Photoshop CS6. I’ll be using it a lot from now on. Feathering is now also more accurate (radius can be floating point, rather than integer).


Create a Tilt-Shift blur Effect in Photoshop CS6

As in the above mentioned tutorials one of them explained that how you can tilt-shift your photograph and this tutorial will explain that how you can add both the effects “tilt-shift and blur” to your photographs together.


Lock multiple layers with a single click

Now you don’t need to lock a single layer one by one. Juts select more than one layers and click the appropriate lock icon to lock them at once.


Change the color of multiple layers at once

Now you can easily change the color of multiple layers at once. The only thing you need is to select more than one layer and apply the color at any layer.


Paste lorem ipsum

I don’t know about others, but for me this feature is really useful. Now without minimizing Photoshop or opening any web Brower, you can easily add Dummy text from the Type menu within Photoshop. This is really helpful especially for web designers.


Automatic Recovery

Another really useful feature of Photoshop CS6 is now you don’t need to press Ctrl + S to save your document. It can now auto save as you work after every 10 minutes by default, but you change it according to your ease and desire. Even in that case if Photoshop crashes, it can recover your document.


There are many other multiple exiting and handy features of Photoshop CS6. Just keep in touch with us to explore more. And if you want to share anything relevant to Photoshop CS6, just submit articles or your comments on our website.


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